May 28, 2021

Interactivity for Cinema and Sport with FICTS In Nairobi

FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs which is a federation of 123 Countries across the globe is the only federation innthe field of cinema and film that is recognized by the
International Olympic Committee (IOC) for which it promotes the values of sport through footages as well as supporting and organising – every year – the “World Ficts Challenge”- A Worldwide
Championship of Cinema, Television and Sports Culture which comprises of 20 Festival in the 5 Continents with its Final being a projection of Sport Movies, Meetings, Workshop, the “Paralympic International Movies & Tv Festival”, Exhibitions and Awards ceremony held in Milan, Italy. This year, the final is scheduled to take place from November 26 to 30. The “World Ficts Challenge” – a competition for movies and television sports productions – is the main presentation tool that the Federation uses for the promotion and spread of Olympic values as well the sport culture, through the quality of footages and cooperation of those who work creatively in sports broadcasters and sport cinema. In these years, FICTS has turned its attention to the African Continent which has approached with great strides, also through events dedicated to cinema and television, to the spread of the cultural and sport values that are the basis of the Federal Statute (already 15 editions of the Festival in Kampala in Uganda).

Dr. Enzo Cappiello
General Secretary

The KENYA INTERNATIONAL SPORTS FILM FESTIVAL (KISFF) has successfully joined the “World FICTS Challenge” International Circuit thanks to the constant and strong organizational
commitment of its founder and organizer Mr Aasif Karim, a prominent figure in international sport as well as an ambassador of the sports values of excellence in the name of universality, friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, fair play and ethics. The Festival is organized by the Safinaz Foundation formed to promote Sports, Education and social needs in the society which has been producing the only consistent sports magazine in Kenya.

The “World FICTS Challenge” Festivals are part of the “ISFAF – INTERNATIONAL SPORTFILM FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION FICTS” which promotes and develops initiatives aimed at improving
the artistic quality and communicative effectiveness of international sportsfilm Festivals through mutual collaboration among all those recognized by the FICTS.

The FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani has declared: “With the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are all living in much uncertainty. We are all only beginning to understand the far-reaching consequences of the coronavirus crisis around the world. The importance of sport goes beyond health and can play a key role in post- COVID-19 recovery plans. At this moment, nobody knows what the realities of the post-coronavirus world will look like. But if we want to be prepared, we need to try to keep going on. All FICTS activities in 2020 were characterized
by growing international initiatives, with a strong communication and promotion action (website, SPORTMOVIESTV.COM platform, building up of Social Media, attention to young people and schools, etc.).

The emergency and the developments in the health situation created following the spread of Covid-19 in the world will be a stimulus for Mr. Aasif Karim who, together with his staff, will organize – online – the Festival which has become successfully part of the International Circuit “World FICTS Challenge”. Sport is a formidable magical human adventure that cinema and TV help to share.

KISSF has become – concluded the President Prof. Ascani – a significant appointment for champions and filmmakers able to bring the magic of sport and Olympic and sporting values to the audience. “The activity of FICTS (through the General Secretariat and the Offices of the Headquarters) for the Kenya International Sports Film Festival (KISFF) includes several initiatives aimed at promote the aims established by the Federation through the provision of different supports (movies, communication, exhibitions, etc.) – added the FICTS Secretary General Mr Enzo Cappiello. The news of 2021 is SPORTMOVIESTV.COM Platform, the first Digital Community of Information and Sport Culture with Cinema and TV, with carefully catalogued and
easily accessible contents. A new interactive and instantaneous way of living the personalized streaming for multiply interests, passions and pictures emotions. A network with 10 services and 21.000 audio-videos with themed playlist to access and engage in every moment from all devices. The Platform, available to KISFF, supports the action of communication and increasing the development of Olympic values and the culture of sports disciplines in the 123 Member Countries under the slogan Culture Through Sport”.

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